Social Media

Social Media is the new method of how we communicate online. Being on social media has become a necessary part of marketing plans for many companies. We want to be were our consumers are, online and off. While many suggest that to increase your brand presence, you should be active on all social media platforms. For small businesses, this is often difficult to achieve unless you have a dedicated full time social media coordinator. The most important part of being on social media is being social. Spending time interacting with your followers and increasing your brand awareness through building customer relationships is a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and generate new leads. This is where we come in!

Each of these platforms has their own set of unique user demographics. We can give you the information you need to choose which platforms would be best for your business, get you started and help or manage these pages for you.

Check out some of these interesting social media facts:

  • As of March 2015, Facebook had 936 million daily active users on average and 798 million mobile daily active user.
  • You Tube has around 800 million unique users a month around the world.
  • Google Plus reportedly has 540 million users.
  • LinkedIn has more than 347 million users, 40% of who check in daily to the site.
  • Instagram with more than 300 million users, who share more than 60 million photos every day.
  • Twitter had 288 million active users, whom 80% are active mobile users.
  • Yelp had an average of 135 million monthly unique users last year with more almost 50% of them interacting with other social media platforms. FOURSQUARE has over 50 million users.
  • Pinterest following in February with 79.3 million unique users, with more than 50 billion pins.
  • Vine has more than 40 million users.

These are just some of the social media platforms we work with. We offer a wide variety of options for social media management from an all-inclusive to custom tailored packages just for your business needs. These include:

  • Social Media Strategy & Business Personality
  • Set Up Social Media Accounts
  • Manage Accounts
  • Build Followers
  • Online Engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Monitoring Your Online Reputation
  • Content Creation
  • Basic Training for Staff

Contact us today and let’s get social!